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Select Sector SPDRs are unique ETF's that divide the S&P 500 into 9 sectors. To strengthen your portfolio, simply choose the sectors that fit your investment needs. Select Sector SPDRs offer the all-day tradability of stocks, the diversity of mutual funds and the tracking of an index.
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Dow Takes Fourth Straight Dip
By Mark Glassman
Equities gave back early gains on Monday, posting losses after Alan Greenspan sounded the slowdown alarm for 2008. The Dow ended negative for the fourth consecutive session. Techs and financials had a rough day. TXU agreed to a record-setting buyout. Merck scored an upgrade.
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 S&P 500 1449.37 -1.82 
 DJIA 12632.26 -15.22 
 Nasdaq 2504.52 -10.58 
Nasdaq Dow Jones Industrial Average S&P 500
XLY 39.51  DOWN -0.34
XLP 26.81  DOWN -0.01
XLE 59.00  UP 0.35
XLF 37.03  DOWN -0.27
XLV 34.53  UP 0.14
XLI 36.39  DOWN -0.21
XLB 38.75  UP 0.35
XLK 23.92  DOWN -0.06
XLU 39.59  UP 0.92
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