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Select Sector SPDRs. Invest In Control. Select Sector SPDRs. Invest In Control.
With Select Sector SPDRs, you can better control your exposure to the market and gain more power over your portfolio. That's because these unique exchange traded funds (ETFs) unbundle the benchmark S&P; 500 and allow you to own only the industries that make sense for your portfolio. As a result, you can customize the S&P; 500 to better meet your investment goals. Click on the Sector SPDR names above for a brief description of each sector and to learn how you can utilize the short term business loans Sector SPDRs to help you achieve a wide range of investment goals.
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Trade Gap Grows, Wall St. Slow
By Igor Greenwald
The record trade deficit didn't sway a sluggish market waiting for a quarter-point rate hike. There was speculation that Verizon Wireless might bid for Sprint against Nextel. Symantec was reportedly chasing Veritas. Electronic Arts scored with help from the NFL.
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